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The figure as agents and representatives of the buyer, is a practice that we have carried out constantly throughout our professional career. Our clients trust us for the search and subsequent acquisition of the property that best suits their needs, finding in turn a good advice and thus optimizing their time. Avoiding possible problems and fraud.

  • Realization and support in the search and selection of the most suitable properties for the client.
  • Advise for the choice of properties that best suits the needs of the client.
  • Drafting and negotiation of the most favorable offer in terms of conditions and price.
  • Provide the necessary advice for the technical inspection, appraisal and obtaining mortgage, if applicable.
  • Supervise and control that all the documentation is correct to proceed to the writing signature.
  • Manage owner changes or additions of all supplies related to the property: changes of light, water, gas, community …


With this figure we try to give a personalized and exclusive service to each one of our clients with the best advice throughout the buying and selling process.

The commercial advice, the market study and the adaptation of the offers to the needs of our clients, mean that we have now achieved great results.